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Simply click and SAVE TODAY on your Telephone and Broadband!

To get the best discounted telephone and broadband deal with BROADBAND GENIE AWARD WINNERS 2020 Direct Save. Switch through Fundraiser Energy and receive a further discounted rate for your telephone and broadband.

Why Choose Direct Save?

  • Switching through Fundraiser Energy gives you access to further discounted telecom rates!
  • Our advisors are here to help you along every step of the way.
  • We find you the best telephone and broadband packages that are available in your area.

A simple hassle-free four step process that takes minutes to complete.

How Direct Save Works?

  • KEY IN YOUR POSTCODE- Enter in your information and we will let you know the amazing broadband deals available for your property, in our four-step process.
  • WE DO ALL THE HARD WORK – We will scan and show you both telephone and broadband bundle packages that are available for you in your area.
  • SIT BACK AND RELAX – We take care of the whole switch, this year, and every year! You do not need to do anything!
  • SUPPORT LOCAL – Fundraiser Energy will donate a percentage of our income to Radio Tay’s Cash for Kids for every telecoms switch.

Switching Through Fundraiser Energy

Anyone who switches through us at Fundraiser Energy to this AWARD-WINNING TELECOM PROVIDER, Fundraiser Energy will also donate a percentage of our income for every telecom switch to Radio Tay’s Cash for Kids.


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